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Managing Difficult Stakeholders

Whether you are managing a large or small project, stakeholders will come and go.  What are some tactics that you can use to manage these difficult relationships?


As a project manager, you have probably experienced the frustration of working with difficult stakeholders. You know the type of project sponsor or stakeholder who always wants more than they pay for, or heaven forbid, expects a miracle solution to their every problem. 


In Managing Difficult Stakeholders, author and professional speaker Gavin Pyper distills his 20 years’ experience managing complex projects into a useful set of strategies that can help you manage these types of difficult stakeholders so they see value in what they get when they hire you.


The ability to manage careful and difficult people is important in any role, but it’s essential for project managers. When you’re working on a team, it helps to know how to deal with a variety of personalities who can try your patience. This article explores how to deal with different types of stakeholders, using an easy method that will appeal to anyone regardless of their personality type


Managing difficult stakeholders can be one of the most challenging parts of leading a project. Often, this challenge is intensified when many stakeholders are involved, and even more so when they are geographically dispersed. 


In Managing Difficult Stakeholders, you’ll learn how to best manage these situations by learning how to identify potential problems before they occur, respond when they do arise, and mitigate the damage caused by difficult stakeholders.


Managing Difficult Stakeholders is a book for project managers in all industries. From large, complex projects such as building a skyscraper to small, self-contained programs such as building playgrounds and classrooms; from dealing with external stakeholders such as community members, government agencies, and community groups to internal stakeholders such as teams and departments—all project managers face the problem of negotiating with people whose sole purpose is to get in your way..


Stakeholder behavior is one of the toughest roadblocks to successful projects. Stakeholders often have divergent personal and professional interests that create delays, resist change, and disrupt progress. In PMP Syllabus it’s focusing on 42% of People. 

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