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Know More About CCNA

The CCNA certificate allows a person to work as a technician in one or more areas, such as security, wireless services, routing and switching, or data center operations by validating their skills and knowledge in network fundamentals.


What is CCNA  Implementing and Cisco Solution v1.0

CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate is an information Technology certification by Cisco Systems recognized around the world. The CCNA Course is Cisco’s best-known, information technology, an associate-level certification recognized across the globe.

To get certified, after taking this course, you will need to pass a single CCNA Composite exam (Currently 200-301).


Why you should get CCNA Certification

A CCNA Certification can help you stand out from the crowd, obtain an official certificate, show your relevance, and have a higher chance of employment through solid technical influence.

Through studying for the CCNA certification, you can switch to a better, higher-paying, more challenging, and satisfying job, as many employers believe that Cisco certified employees increase the value of a business.

A CCNA certificate will give you the fundamental knowledge through which you can build a career.


Who should consider earning the CCNA Certification

People interested in having basic networking skills and want to work as network administrators need a CCNA certificate.

Anyone seeking CCNA certification and is interested in the following career paths: Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Support Technician, and Help Desk Technician can attend the course.

People who want to become network engineers, network administrators, network support technicians, or help desk technicians should take the CCNA course and get officially certified.


How to plan your career begin with CCNA Certification

When it comes to the length of time required to study for the course, it takes 5 days to complete once you enroll, and the exam is 120 minutes in length.

CCNA is the starting point for a career in Networking. The course will teach you the basics, and give you a networking basis you can build upon. After you gain your CCNA certification, you can choose to attend higher-level courses such as CCNP, CCIE, or others, depending on your interests.

The CCNA certificate works by recognizing your ability and skills in installing, supporting, and troubleshooting wired or wireless networks from Cisco, which is a major provider of networking services.

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