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Key points about this course

Duration : 1 Day
Course Fee : RM 650.00

HRD Corp Claimable Course

Microsoft Excel 2016 Basic

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Public Class

In House Training

Private Class

Course Overview

Microsoft Excel helps you to organise data, do basic and complex mathematical functions, turn piles of data into helpful graphics and charts, analyse data and forecasting predictions, create, build, and edit pixelated images and many more.

In this Microsoft Excel 2016 Basic training, you will create and edit basic worksheets and workbooks. This course is designed for students who want to gain the necessary skills to create, edit, format, and print basic Microsoft Excel 2016 worksheets.

Audience Profile

Students who have little or no familiarity with Microsoft Excel 2016 or more experienced Excel users who want to learn the topics covered in this course in the 2016 interface.

Course Content

The Basic

  • Getting Started
  • Signing In
  • Creating a New Workbook
  • Understand the Basic Parts of a Workbook
  • Saving a Workbook
  • Opening a Workbook


Your First Workbook

  • Selecting Data
  • Entering and Deleting Data
  • Using Undo and Redo
  • Using Cut, Copy, and Paste


Working with Data

  • Inserting Rows and Columns
  • Merging and Splitting Cells
  • Moving Cells
  • Using Paste Special
  • Using Find and Replace
  • Hiding and Unhiding Cells


Hiding and unhiding Cells

  • Using AutoFill
  • Using Flash Fill
  • Using AutoSum
  • Using AutoComplete
  • Using AutoCalculate


Formatting Texts

  • Changing the Font Face, Size, and Color
  • Applying Text Effects
  • Applying Borders and Fill
  • Using the Font Tab of the Format Cells Dialog
  • Clearing Formatting


Formatting Data

  • Wrapping Text
  • Changing the Size of Rows and Columns
  • Adjusting Cell Alignment
  • Changing Text Direction
  • Changing Number Format


Charting Data

  • Creating Sparklines
  • Inserting Charts


Viewing, Printing, and Sharing Your Workbook

  • Using Views
  • Saving a Workbook as PDF or XPS
  • Printing a Workbook


Customizing the Interface

  • Changing Ribbon Display Options
  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs
  • Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs
  • Resetting Interface Changes

  • Microsoft Excel 2016 Basic

  • Ask For