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Key points about this course

Duration : 3 Days
Course Fee : RM 3,899.00

HRD Corp Claimable Course

AWS Solution Architect
Exam Code : AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA)

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Course Overview

Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification training is essential for every aspiring AWS certified solutions architect. You will master AWS architectural principles and services such as IAM, VPC, EC2, EBS and elevate your career to the cloud, and beyond with this AWS solutions architect course.

Skills Covered

  • AWS solution planning
  • AWS architecture best practice
  • Designing resilient AWS implementation
  • AWS cost estimation
  • AWS implementation optimization
  • AWS data I/O


Any professional interested in hosting highly scalable, fault-tolerant applications on the AWS platform should take this course.However, the online AWS Solutions Architect certification course is ideal for: Solutions architects,Programmers, Cloud developers, Cloud software engineers, DevOps professionals

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this AWS training course. However, prior experience in working with AWS or another cloud computing platform is recommended.

Course Content

AWS Overview

  • AWS Overview
  • History and Evolution of AWS
  • Knowledge Check
  • Overview of AWS Products and Services

Designing Highly Available, Cost-efficient, Fault-tolerant, and Scalable Systems

  • Designing Highly Available, Cost-efficient, Fault-tolerant, and Scalable Systems
  • How to design Cloud Services
  • Planning and Designing
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Hybrid IT architectures

Identity Acess Management (IAM)

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • IAM Overview and Policies
  • IAM Users, Groups, and Roles

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Amazon VPC and Subnets
  • Networking
  • Using Security Groups and Network ACLs

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

  • Cloud Compute with AWS
  • Amazon EC2 Overview
  • Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
  • Introduction to EC2 Instance Types
  • Overview of Amazon EBS
  • EC2 Pricing
  • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
  • Auto Scaling
  • AWS Services
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • S3 Overview and Buckets
  • Version Control and Lifecycle Management
  • CloudFront and CDNs
  • Security and Encryption
  • Amazon Import – Export Snowball

Amazon Route 53

  • Amazon Route 53
  • Amazon Route 53 Concepts


  • Databases
  • Databases Overview
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • AMI Databases
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon ElastiCache
  • Amazon Aurora
  • AWS Database Migration Services (DMS)

Security Practices for optimum Cloud Deployment

  • Security Practices for Optimum Cloud Deployment
  • AWS Responsibilities and Security Attributes
  • AWS CloudFormation and Design patterns

Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Overview and Products for Disaster

Recovery Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting and Support

  • AWS Solution Architect

  • Ask For