Key points about this course

Duration : 2 Days
Public Class : RM 2,100.00

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Android™ Security Essentials
Exam Code : AND-402

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Course Overview

This is a two-day professional course, which thoroughly covers the Android™ security model and concerns of both the developer and end-user point of view.

Course Prerequisites

It’s highly recommended that the attendees of this course know the basics of Android application development knowledge.

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand Android software architecture.
  2. Understand Android’s security model.
  3. Build Android applications with security best practices in mind.
  4. Build more secure and more robust application those appeals to clients.
Course Content

Lesson 1 Permissions

  • Android Platform Architecture
  • Android Security Architecture
  • Permissions
  • Levels of Protection
  • Application Level Permissions
  • Component Level Permissions
  • Extending Android Permissions
  • Lab 1: Securing Applications Using Permission


Lesson 2 Managing the Policy File

  • Introduction
  • The Manifest File
  • Modifying Application Policy
  • Lab 2: Defining the Application’s Policy File


Lesson 3 User Data Privacy and Protection

  • Introduction
  • Data Security Principles
  • Vulnerabilities and Attacks against Stored Data
  • Protection Principles
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Lab 3: Data Confidentiality and Protection
    • Lab 3-1: Ensuring Data Confidentiality
    • Lab 3-2: Protecting Application Data with Permissions


Lesson 4 Securing Storage

  • Introduction
  • Data Storage Decisions
  • Storage Mechanisms
  • Shared Preferences
  • File
  • Chace
  • Database
  • Lab 4: Data Storage Applications
    • Using Shared Preferences
    • File Storage Operations
    • Storing data in Cache
    • Retrive Gmail Account Info Using Account Manager

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