Adobe Photoshop CC Advanced

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Key points about this course

Duration : 1 Day
Public Class : RM 975.00
Live Virtual Class : RM 880.00
HRDF Claimable
Course Overview

This Adobe Photoshop course, advanced level lets you build on your existing skills and explore more advanced techniques available when working with this increasingly powerful Adobe Photoshop technology.

If you are working in digital imaging, professional photography, graphic design, publishing or etc using Adobe Photoshop, then this training is the perfect choice for you. It helps to make your work-life easier after acquiring these new sets of knowledge and skills.

If you are looking for an industry-recognized credential, get your Adobe Certified Associate  (ACA) certification, soon to be called Adobe Certified Professional. This can confidently prove that you have the skills and knowledge to meet the demands of today's design industry.

To optimise your design and creativity, join our face to face or live virtual class. This training is available for a public and private group. It is open for Malaysia and international students.

Course Prerequisites

This Adobe Photoshop is designed for experienced users who have already completed the Essentials course or those who are considered familiar with Adobe Photoshop environment.

Course Content

Bridge and Mini-bridge

  • Organising your work
  • Finding files
  • Labelling and rating files
  • Meta-data
  • Filtering files
  • Creating presentations and contact sheets

Advanced masking

  • Selection tips and shortcuts
  • Quick mask mode
  • Filters and Quick Mask
  • Refining your selection (Refine edge)

Cloning techniques

  • Clone source panel
  • Patching

Perspective cloning

  • The vanishing point command
  • Creating a perspective grid
  • Cloning within the perspective grid
  • Pasting into the perspective grid
  • Multiple perspective grids

Selection techniques

  • Using Modify
  • Using Grow
  • UsingSimilar
  • Colour Range

Correcting colour

  • Using levels and curves to adjust your images
  • Colour Balance
  • Match colour
  • Replacing colour
  • Using Hue/Saturation to adjust an image’s colour


  • Creating gradients
  • Using gradients
  • Gradient mapping

Smart objects

  • Smart layers
  • Smart filters
  • Warping layers
  • Placing Illustrator files
  • Placing other files


  • Creating stacks
  • Panoramas
  • Photo merging
  • Stack mode
  • Auto-blend
  • Auto-align


  • Using actions
  • Adding actions
  • Creating actions
  • Editing actions

Filter techniques

  • Sharpening
  • Blurring
  • Distorting
  • Adding noise
  • Getting rid of noise
  • Correcting fish-eye/wide-angle issues

Camera Raw

  • Advantages of Camera Raw
  • Editing in Camera Raw
  • Full size view
  • Auto corrections
  • Localised Adjustments
  • Previewing Adjustments
  • Histogram
  • Saving in Camera Raw
  • Reusing Camera Raw Settings


  • Opening video files
  • The timeline
  • Creating a video layer
  • Modifying a video layer
  • Adding text to video
  • Splitting a video layer
  • Cloning Content
  • Adding a transition
  • Adding audio
  • Animation
  • Export to video

3D in Photoshop

  • Setting 3D preferences
  • Creating 3D Models
  • Creating 3D text
  • Drawing 3D Objects
  • Object, Camera and Mesh
  • Rendering 3D Models

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