Programming & Development

Delivering high quality training is our main task. Our methods work for our client and ourself. Transform your performance through IT Training. Choose your course and expect to improve your programming knowledge and skills.

Computer programming is an enormously flexible tool that you can use to do amazing things that are otherwise either manual and labour some or are just impossible. When you learn computer programming, you start seeing problems in the light of solutions.  Available programming courses including programming with C++, Object Oriented Programming with C++, Object Oriented Programming with Java, Introduction to Visual Basic. Net, Introduction to ASP. Net, Programming in C# and many more.

The programming training methods including in a Public Class Training or Private Class Training or In House Class Training.  The programming course is available at our training lab in Kuala Lumpur or at client’s venue through out Malaysia.

Programming & Development Courses

Course TitleExam CodeDuration (Day)Fee (RM)Course Details
Programming with C++55000Click here
Object Oriented Programming in C++44000Click here
Object Oriented Programming in Java44000Click here
Python 3 Programming
44500Click here
Introduction to Visual Basic. Net33000Request more info
Introduction to ASP. Net33000Request more info
ASP.NET Programming using C# OR VB44000Request more info
Programming in C#70-48344000Request more info
Programming in Visual C++ using MFC43800Request more info
HTML22200Request more info
HTML & CSS43800Request more info
Introduction to XML33000Request more info
Fundamentals of AJAX Programming22200Request more info
AJAX – JAVA Script & XML33000Request more info
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