PHP and MySQL (Advanced)

Duration: 3 Days

Training Fee: RM 3200.00

HRDF Claimable

About this course

Course Overview

This PHP and MySQL advanced course is for programmers who are looking to transition to using PHP.  This PHP & MySQL training teaches students how to develop and deploy web applications using PHP and MySQL. Begin with Object Oriented Programming, and focus on advanced features of MySQL, teaching students how to create efficient applications by implementing business logic within the database itself using MySQL.

This PHP & MySQL course is available on our public class training in Kuala Lumpur or also available if you want to conduct In-House training at your venue, throughout Malaysia.

Who should attend?

UNIX and Windows Users, Web Developers and Programmers wishing to create web based systems utilising PHP and MySQL.


Attendance on the PHP Programming course or equivalent experience.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Object Oriented Programming and PHP 5

  • PHP5 Objects
  • Class Inheritance
  • Autoloading Classes
  • Constructors and Destructors
  • Member and method visibility
  • The static keyword
  • Abstract Classes
  • Object Interfaces
  • Overloading
  • Class Members


Unit 2: Debugging PHP Code

  • PHP Error Handling
  • PHP Debugging Tools
  • Creating conditional debug code
  • Suppressing Errors


Unit 3: Installing and Managing MySQL (access control & overview)

  • Installing MySQL on the Windows platform
  • Installing MySQL on the Unix/Linux Platform
  • Starting and Stopping the MySQL server
  • Understanding MySQL Server security
  • MySQL Security
  • The MySQL Privilege System
  • MySQL default users
  • GRANT and REVOKE statements
  • Adding users to MySQL
  • Changing user passwords
  • Client access control
  • Disabling client access control


Unit 4: Implementing Stored Procedures and Triggers with MySQL

  • Understanding Stored Procedures
  • Creating Stored Procedures & Functions
  • Stored Procedure & Function characteristics
  • Execution blocks in Stored Procedures and functions
  • The DECLARE statement
  • Working with variables
  • MySQL Error codes
  • Conditions and handlers
  • Exit handlers
  • Continue handlers
  • Undo handlers
  • The IF statement
  • The CASE statement
  • The LOOP, WHILE, and REPEAT statements
  • Modifying Stored Procedures & Functions
  • Cursors in MySQL
  • Triggers in MySQL
  • Creating & using MySQL triggers


Unit 5: Using the MySQL Query Optimizer

  • Understanding MySQL Index types
  • MySQL Index usage
  • Using the MySQL Query Analyzer
  • Optimizing MySQL queries
  • Utilizing MySQL prepared statements
  • Using summary tables in MySQL

Training Methods

Public Class Training

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In-House Class Training

8-10 Jan 19
5-7 Mar 19
8-10 May 19
10-12 Jul 19
18-20 Sep 19

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