Delivering high quality training is our main task. Our methods work for our client and ourself. We add value to you and your organisation through IT Training. Choose your course and expect to improve your PHP & MySQL knowledge and skills.

PHP is high flexibility and performance level which used for about 240 million websites including. It can be used for small projects, like small business websites, but also for bigger projects i.e. Facebook & Wikipedia. PHP is a server-side scripting language, and can be used to create dynamic webpages that look like regular HTML. PHP enables the integration of HTML code and can be linked to to MySQL Databases. To cater the learning demand, we offer PHP & My SQL courses such as MySQL for Beginner, MySQL for Developer, MySQL for Database Administrator, PHP & MySQL (Beginner to Intermediate), and PHP & MySQL (Advanced).

These PHP & MySQL courses are available in Public Class Training or Private Class Training In Kuala Lumpur. Meanwhile, In House Php MySql Class  trainings are available if you want to conduct at your venue through out Malaysia. Contact us if you need more information or register now.

PHP & MySQL Courses

wdt_ID Course Title Exam Code Duration (Day) Fee (RM) Course Details
1 PHP Web Programming - 4 4200 Click here
2 MySQL for Beginner - 3 3200 Click here
3 MySQL for Developer CMDEV 4 4200 Click here
4 MySQL for Database Administrator CMDBA 4 4200 Click here
5 PHP & MySQL (Beginner to Intermediate) 3 3200 Click here
6 PHP & MySQL (Advanced) 3 3200 Click here
7 PHP Security 4 4200 Click here
9 MySQL Fundamentals 4 4200 Click here
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