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Delivering high quality training is our main task. Our methods work for our client and ourself. We add value to you and your organisation through IT Training. Choose your course and expect to improve your Microsoft Office knowledge and skills.

Learn Microsoft Office 2016 such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Useful Formulas & Functions Microsoft Excel 2016, Pivot Table Microsoft Excel 2016 etc. Microsoft Office 2013 courses are available upon request. The Microsoft office courses are available on Public Class Training at our training lab in Kuala Lumpur or Private Class Training and In House Class Training at your venue throughout Malaysia.

Check the Microsoft Office courses details below or contact us if you need more information about Microsoft trainings or register now.

Microsoft Office Courses

Course TitleExam CodeDuration (Day)Fee (RM)Course Details
Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Excel 2016 Basic7271450Click Here
Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate7271450Click Here
Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced7271500Click Here
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Basic7291450Click Here
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Advanced7291500Click Here
Microsoft Word 2016 Basic7251450Click Here
Microsoft Word 2016 Intermediate7251450Click Here
Microsoft Word 2016 Advanced7251500Click Here
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Introduction1450Request more info
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Advanced1450Request more info
Useful Formulas & Functions Microsoft Excel 201621200Click here
Maximizing PivotTable Microsoft Excel 20161600Click here
PowerPivot for End Users Microsoft Excel 201621200Click here
Microsoft Office 2013
Excel 2013 Basic77-4201450Request more info
Excel 2013 Intermediate77-4201450Request more info
Excel 2013 Advanced77-4201450Request more info
PowerPoint 2013 Basic77-4221450Request more info
PowerPoint 2013 Intermediate77-4221450Request more info
PowerPoint 2013 Advanc77-4221450Request more info
Word 2013 Basic77-4181450Request more info
Word 2013 Intermediate77-4181450Request more info
Word 2013 Advanced77-4181450Request more info
Outlook 2013 Basic77-4231450Request more info
Outlook 2013 Intermediate77-4231450Request more info
Outlook 2013 Advanced77-4231450Request more info
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