Monetize Android™ Applications

Exam Code : AND-403

Duration: 2 Days

Training Fee: RM2,100.00

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Course Overview

About this course

Whether you are a beginner Android™ developer or part of a mobile development firm, this two-day professional course will teach you all the basic techniques that you need to publish, promote, and profit from your application.

Course Prerequisites

It’s highly recommended that the attendees of this course know the basics of Android application development knowledge. To acquire good knowledge of Android application development, trainees may attend the “Android Application Development” course.

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand different techniques to monetize your application.
  • Add advertisements without degrading the user experience.
  • Create Android applications with in-app billing.
  • Publish and advertise your application effectively.

Course Content

Lesson 1: How to monetize your Application

  • Different monetization techniques
  • What’s the best techniques for your business
  • Add Advertisements to your application (Google Mobile Ads, Ads, InMobi,….etc)

Lesson 2: Android Applications with In-App billing

  • Application requirements for in-app billing requirements
  • In-app billing API
  • In-app billing administration

Lesson 3: Licensing and Monitoring your Application

  • Google Play Licensing
  • Setting up Licensing
  • Monitoring your app with Google Mobile Analytics

Lesson 4: Publishing your Application

  • Methods to publish you application
  • Publishing Process on Google Play
  • Best practices for Releasing your Application

Training Methods

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Public Class Schedule
26 - 27 Mar 2019
25 - 26 June 2019
24 - 25 Sept 2019
26 - 27 Dec 2018

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