Adobe Photoshop Essentials

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Key points about this course

Duration : 1 Day
Public Class : RM 900.00
Live Virtual Class : RM 810.00
HRDF Claimable
Course Overview

This Adobe Photoshop Essentials course is targeted for those who are new to the Photoshop and want to learn the essentials of Adobe Photoshop application such as to correct and retouch images, enhance images, use selections, masks and channels and lots more.

Learning Photoshop is essential if you work in a graphic design, web design, or user experience role. Whether creating flyers, brochures, or email newsletters

If you are looking for an industry-recognized credential, get your Adobe Certified Associate  (ACA) certification, soon to be called Adobe Certified Professional. This can confidently prove that you have the skills and knowledge to meet the demands of today's design industry.

Learn Adobe Photoshop in our face to face or through a live virtual class. This training is available for a public and private group. It is open for Malaysia and international students.

Course Prerequisites

This Adobe Photoshop training is for beginners. To attend this Adobe Photoshop course, you must familiar with computer, perform functions such as copy and paste, open applications and files etc. You also need to use the Internet, for example for browsing and interacting with websites.

Course Content

Exploring Photoshop

  • The panels
  • The tools
  • Preferences


Creating Documents

  • Settings
  • Resolution
  • Colour modes
  • Web vs Print
  • Mobile/tablet settings
  • Presets

Colour Theory

  • RGB
  • CMYK
  • Printing colour
  • Web colour



  • Size
  • Shape
  • Options
  • Custom brushes



  • Creating
  • Organising
  • Using
  • Blending modes


Adjustment tools

  • Dodge tool
  • Burn tool
  • Sponge tool
  • Blur tool
  • Sharpen tool
  • Smudge tool


Adjustment commands

  • Brightness and Contrast
  • Levels
  • Curves
  • Others
  • Adjustment layers
  • Auto adjustments



  • Selection tools
  • Making selections
  • Adjusting your selections
  • Saving your selections
  • Channels



  • Cropping images
  • Cropping options
  • Perspective cropping


Layer Masks

  • Making layer masks
  • Editing layer masks
  • Using layer masks


Cloning and Repairing

  • The clone tool
  • The Healing brush tool
  • The Spot healing brush tool
  • The patch tool
  • Content aware options
  • Content aware Move
  • Content aware patch



  • Adding text
  • Formatting text



  • Vector layers
  • Shapes
  • Custom shapes



  • Layer effects
  • Effect options

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