Course 50545A: Learn Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Step by Step, Level 2

Duration   :  1 day

Performing Calculations on Data

  • Naming Groups of Data
  • Creating Formulas to Calculate Values
  • Summarizing Data That Meets Specific Conditions
  • Finding and Correcting Errors in Calculations
  • Key Points

Changing Workbook Appearance

  • Formatting Cells
  • Defining Styles
  • Applying Workbook Themes and Excel Table Styles
  • Making Numbers Easier to Read
  • Changing the Appearance of Data Based on Its Value
  • Adding Images to Worksheets
  • Key Points

Focusing on Specific Data by Using Filters

  • Limiting Data That Appears on Your Screen
  • Manipulating Worksheet Data
  • Selecting List Rows at Random
  • Summarizing Worksheets with Hidden and Filtered Rows
  • Finding Unique Values Within a Data Set
  • Defining Valid Sets of Values for Ranges of Cells
  • Key Points

Reordering and Summarizing Data

  • Sorting Worksheet Data
  • Organizing Data into Levels
  • Looking Up Information in a Worksheet
  • Key Points

Combining Data from Multiple Sources

  • Using Workbooks as Templates for Other Workbooks
  • Linking to Data in Other Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Consolidating Multiple Sets of Data into a Single Workbook
  • Grouping Multiple Sets of Data
  • Key Points