Course 50544A: Learn Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Step by Step, Level 1

Duration : 1 day

Setting Up a Workbook

  • Creating Workbooks
  • Modifying Workbooks
  • Modifying Worksheets
  • Customizing the Excel 2010 Program Window
  • Zooming In on a Worksheet
  • Arranging Multiple Workbook Windows
  • Adding Buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Maximizing Usable Space in the Program Window
  • Key Points

Working with Data and Excel Tables

  • Entering and Revising Data
  • Moving Data Within a Workbook
  • Finding and Replacing Data
  • Correcting and Expanding Upon Worksheet Data
  • Defining Excel Tables
  • Key Points

Changing Workbook Appearance

  • Formatting Cells
  • Defining Styles
  • Applying Workbook Themes and Excel Table Styles
  • Making Numbers Easier to Read
  • Changing the Appearance of Data Based on Its Value
  • Adding Images to Worksheets
  • Key Points


  • Adding Headers and Footers to Printed Pages
  • Preparing Worksheets for Printing
  • Previewing Worksheets Before Printing
  • Changing Page Breaks in a Worksheet
  • Changing the Page Printing Order for Worksheets
  • Printing Worksheets
  • Printing Parts of Worksheets
  • Printing Charts
  • Key Points