Module Title : AIDCS6 Adobe InDesign CS6

Duration : 2 days

Course Description
Accelebrate’s Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS6 training teaches attendees how to build newsletters, brochures, and other documents using Adobe InDesign® CS6.

At Course Completion
All attendees will learn how to:
• Use the InDesign CS6 user interface
• Set up documents and work with pages
• Work with objects
• Flow text
• Edit text
• Work with typography

Course Outline

Introducing the workspace
• Looking at the workspace
•  Working with panels
•  Customizing the workspace
•  Changing the magnification of a document
•  Navigating through a document
•  Using context menus
•  Finding resources for using InDesign

Getting to know InDesign
•  Viewing the lesson document
•  Preflighting as you work
•  Viewing guides
•  Adding text
•  Working with styles
•  Working with graphics
•  Working with objects
•  Working with object styles

Setting up a document and working with pages
•  Creating and saving custom document settings
•  Creating a new document
•  Switching between open InDesign documents
•  Working with master pages
•  Applying master pages to document pages
•  Adding sections to change page numbering
•  Adding new pages
•  Arranging and deleting pages
•  Placing text and graphics on the document pages
•  Overriding master page items on document pages
•  Changing the size of pages
•  View the completed spread

Working with objects
•  Working with layers
•  Creating and editing text frames
•  Creating and editing graphics frames
•  Adding metadata captions to graphics frames
•  Placing and linking graphics frames
•  Changing the shape of a frame
•  Wrapping text around a graphic
•  Modifying the shape of frames
•  Transforming and aligning objects
•  Selecting and modifying grouped objects
•  Finishing up

Flowing text
•  Flowing text into an existing frame
•  Flowing text manually
•  Creating text frames while flowing text
•  Flowing text automatically
•  Creating threaded frames automatically
•  Resizing text frames automatically
•  Adding a jump line page number

Editing text
•  Finding and changing a missing font
•  Entering and importing text
•  Finding and changing text and formatting
•  Checking spelling
•  Editing test by dragging and dropping
•  Using the Story Editor
•  Tracking changes

Working with typography
•  Adjusting vertical spacing
•  Changing fonts and type style
•  Fine-tuning Columns
•  Changing paragraph alignment
•  Creating a drop cap
•  Adjusting letter and work spacing
•  Setting tabs
•  Adding a rule above a paragraph