Module Title : AFCS6: Adobe Flash CS6

Duration : 3 days

Course Description
This Flash CS6 training class is for people new to Flash. After getting to know the Flash CS6 interface, you will learn to use the drawing tools and to create graphic and button symbols and cool Flash animations.

At Course Completion
After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Get comfortable with the Flash CS6 user interface.
• Learn to work with Flash CS6′s drawing tools.
• Learn to work with Graphic Symbols and the Library.
• Learn to create basic and advanced animations in Flash CS6.
• Learn to use Button Symbols in Flash CS6

Course Outline

Getting Started
• Starting Flash and Opening a File
• Getting to Know the Work Area
• Creating a New Document
• Using Workspaces
• Essentials Workspace
• Designer Workspace
• Classic Workspace
• Moving Panels
• Changing Workspaces
• Opening Existing Files
• Using the Properties Panel
• Undo in Flash
• Previewing Your Movie
• Publishing Your Movie
• Some Important Keyboard Shortcuts

Working with Drawing Tools
• Using the Tools Panel
• Rectangle Tool
• Selection Tool
• Strokes and Fills
• Merge Mode vs Drawing Object Mode
• Pencil Tool
• Line Tool
• The Free Transform Tool and Transform Pane
• Using the Drawing Tools
• Pen Tool
• Sub-selection Tool
• Paint Bucket Tool
• Brush Tool
• Using Additional Tools
• Using a Gradient Fill
• Gradient Transform Tool
• Using the Ink Bottle Tool
• Using the Eye Dropper Tool
• Drawing Ovals
• Enhanced in CS6: Deco Tool
• Using Layers and Layer Folders
• Creating Transparencies
• Creating and Editing Text
• Add Filters to Text

Graphic Symbols and the Library
• Working with the Library Panel
• About Symbols
• Creating Symbols
• Editing and Managing Symbols
• Duplicating Symbols
• Swapping Symbols
• Changing the Size and Position of Instances
• Changing the Color Effect of Instances
• Creating Graphic Symbols
• Import to Stage/Import to Library
• Open Another Document’s Library/Sharing
• Importing Illustrator Files
• Importing Photoshop Files

Basic Animation
• Understanding the Timeline
• Organizing Layers in a Timeline
• About Animation
• Frame by Frame Animation
• Adding Frames, Keyframes and Blank Keyframes
• Animating Position: Frame-by-Frame Animation
• Changing the Pacing and Timing
• Animating Transparency
• Previewing the Animation
• Animation with a Motion Tween
• Using Timelines to Create Movie Structure
• Understanding our Project File
• More with Animation
• Using Motion Presets
• Animating Filters
• Animating Transformations
• Changing the Path of the Motion
• Swapping Tween Targets
• Easing
• Using the Motion Editor
• Animating 3D Motion

Advanced Animation
• Copy and Paste Motion
• Creating Motion Presets
• Creating Masks
• Animating Masks
• Motion with Inverse Kinematics
• Constraining Joints
• Inverse Kinematics
• Inverse Kinematics with Shapes
• Morphing with Shape Tweens
• Using Shape Hints

Button Symbols
• Creating Button Symbols
• Text Only Buttons (Using the Hit State)
• Animated Buttons